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Our Events

If you’ve ever walked down Main Street in Middletown, it can be hard to know what there is to do besides eating and drinking.

Hopefully browsing you've found some popular venues like a performing arts center,  a recording studio, book store, clothing boutiques.. and the dining and watering holes, nice ones! NOW, you have an opportunity to visit and paint other wonderful locations throughout the City of Middletown.

Help me pick some destinations and grow a painting community. Contact me to find out more. I’m happy to answer any questions that you may have.


Visit our "SITE LOCATION" tabs under "EVENTS" on the main menu to view more information about our meet up spots!

Previous Pop-Ups

Creatives of all skill levels are welcome to join Nanette during her plein air pop-up events.  View some images below from our previous events. Feel free to email us any photos from events that you have attended!

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