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Artists in the Middletown Area - a Fresher Enterprise

Location - Site#1

605 North Main Street Middletown, CT 06457 USA


April 30, 2023
Sunday 1:00 - 4:00pm

Materials needed

1. Bring your own chair
2. Bring your own water
3. IF capable - bring your own easel and supplies; as we will have 10 available for those who need it and register first

Inspiration for Artist's in the Middletown CT Area came from Nanette painting from a photograph of The Buttonwood Tree 605 Main Street Middletown, CT USA the summer of 2022. Many onlookers were curious, undoubtedly talented and unsure how to navigate their own likelihood of tapping their inner creativity. With support from the Middletown Commission of Arts, Nanette will take the Fresher Enterprise to the streets of Middletown Connecticut, to paint in 8 different locations within the area on 8 separate occasions. 10 sets of easels, paints and paint brushes will be available to the public FREE of charge to use. Locations will be posted in advance for registration. All levels will be accepted no prior experience required; however, minimal instruction provided. This is an opportunity to find and share your inner artist for an experience in comradery, laughter and surprise. ATTENTION storekeepers, cafe's and shop owners. We need your support and will take requests for our painting locations. Your sponsorship of Artists in the Middletown Area - A Fresher Enterprise will increase foot traffic to your establishment, as well as bring our community an exciting option of fluid diversity, activity, and beautification.

1. Sign ups and waivers will be required

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