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Art By Nanette

Project Type

Oil Paintings


1985 to present


Middletown, CT U.S.A.


Artist "Oil Painter"

Project type

Personal Gallery

Art By Nanette Albright Fresher, a Connecticut native, unleashes spectacular moments in her life, like pages in a book, captured in time. Expressions of family, landscapes, and love for the outdoors.
"To see, feel and absorb nature in a rendition all your own that I can walk back into every day is fun to share" Self taught since since the late 1980's through today. 23 framed, original, oil works on stretched canvas and panels gained notable prominence in the North End on Main Street in Middletown CT at The Buttonwood Tree. Nanette's First Solo Art Show's huge success makes way for 2023 Spring Project "Artists in The Middletown Area - a Fresher Enterprise" soon to blast!

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